Monday, July 8, 2013

37 Weeks: baby weight gain issues, uncomfortable meetings, and communion

37 weeks:

Jack was super low, head down, and still sucking on his little hand this week. His heart rate was in the normal range at 135 and his cord flow was BETTER than it has been in a month. 
He has previously registered between the 20th and 40th percentile with his weight, but today he measured in the 3rd percentile. These U/S weight measurements can be up to 15% off, but even considering that it appears as if Jack has not grown in the last few weeks. This is not good. In addition, my amniotic fluid was quite low today. Fluid gets lower as the baby grows, but the issue here is that mr baby hasn't been growing and even if, it is too low for 37 weeks. 
Lack of growth is a concern because birth weight is a huge factor for survival and this halt can also be a concern for upcoming fetal demise. Now the issue remains on WHEN to take him out. Originally I was eager to wait wait wait because I wanted a higher birth weight (but that isn't working out well) and I didn't want to attempt induction before my body was ready for concern of failure leading to CSection. I am not against CSection, but for the sake of having the most time available to be with Jack after delivery, a vaginal birth is desired. At this point we are monitoring movement throughout this week and going back on Monday to check weight, cord, fluid, and heart rate. If all seems the same we will probably schedule an induction the following week. If things get worse it may be sooner. 

The Other Meetings at 37w:

Sibling Care: 
The hospital offers all sorts of services to help kids with having  a sibling in the hospital or with grief and death. At this point we are choosing not to have our preschooler meet with them, but happily accepted their list of child friendly books and pamphlets. We have yet to discuss any possibilities with our oldest because we still have no idea what may be ahead of her, but we have resources ready. 

The hospice we met with was yet another "just incase" meeting. They listed the variety of services they offer and we left it at "we shall just see what happens" and let you know. (Of course there were a lot more details, but I am already doing my best at ignoring the majority of that conversation for now so I don't feel like reliving it.) 

Chaplin Slash Organ Donor Info: 
Again, another topic of "just incase" and another topic that is difficult to discuss... Basically we have looked into the potential of first off simply donating Jack's cord blood and then the potential of other organ and tissue donations. We wanted to make sure all basis were covered ahead of time. We needed to know details about whether or not Jack's Trisomy disqualifies him and also to know the time crunch necessity details. 

To end on a sweet note - a experience from last weekend... 

My church does communion once a month. I seem to be my most emotional at church. Last weekend as I was preparing for communion I thought to myself that this may be baby Jack's last time taking communion and that I would aim all my heart power at sending the sacredness of the experience straight to my womb towards my boy. Silly I know, but Im finding the end of my pregnancy has caused me to be super sentimental at my worry wondering if these are my last moments with my boy. As I walked up the aisle I prayed for my boy and thanked my God for His sacrifice. When I arrived at the station the server (a stranger) said to me, "the blood of Christ shed for you" then leaned down towards my belly and said, "and for YOU" Thankfully I got turned back towards my seat before I LOST IT. How random of her yet how amazing and special she made me feel. What an amazing God. Yes, the blood of Christ has been shed for me AND my boy and THAT is why I can rest assured knowing that even if my earthly moments with Jack are short that we will have eternity together very soon

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  1. God moments are amazing. Thank you for sharing- the details of life as you are going through it and what a special communion. Praying with you and for Jack daily Rachel.