Friday, July 26, 2013

Jack's Birth

Jack's Birth:
After getting the kids settled we headed to the hospital in order to be there to start the induction at ten am. I was 38 weeks 3 days and worried my body may not be quite ready to have a baby, but Jack had stopped growing and my fluid was quite low and so it was best to get him out. When we arrived and were settled my nurse hooked up my belly monitors and started my IV. I have never done well starting an IV. It goes in fine, but as soon as the fluid starts running through my body I get sweaty, dizzy, blood pressure issues, and often throw up. It only lasts a couple of minutes, but isn't enjoyable. However, when this happened to me Jack's heart rate also took a significant drop. Our OB came in and introduced himself and immediately began discussing a CSection. He had concern that if jack didnt even tolerate the IV, how would he do with the induction. We took his recommendation into consideration, but asked to continue with the induction for now. However, before they even did anything Jack had yet another big drop. At that point the OB explained what would happen if we had to move too quickly towards a CS later (I would be knocked out and daddy and Briana (photographer friend) couldn't be there for the birth either). The heart rate drops and fear of no one being present for jack's birth had us agreed to the CSection at that point. (About noon) 
After telling/calling all the grandparents and getting set up the staff came to walk me down. When they stopped my poor husband at the door he was quite worried. He did not know he had to wait a while before he could join me. I look back now and see the adorable pictures of love where he waited and waited and waited for them to get him. It was a very stressful time because we ha no clue how Jack would do or be. It very likely could've been the end right then, right away. 
When I arrived in the OR they put me on a table, covered my shaking body in warm blankets, and gave me the spinal. It hit quick and I laid down. Once numb and covered they brought my honey in. This OR is connected to the Infant resuscitation area so they also had the whole baby team and my photographer on the other side prepping. I would say it took about twenty minutes of strange tuggings before we heard the most beautiful sound in the world. A sound we were not always expecting, but always hoping for. Our sweet tiny baby, Jack, came out with the tiniest kitty cat CRY. The room was thrilled. My husband rushed over to the infant side right after they showed him to me and Jack's team began checking him and helping him. It took over an hour for the doctors to sew me up, but I was not nervous or sad because I could hear my baby giving a great fuss while he was measured and poked. That day 7-17 was by far the very happiest day of my life. I knew it then laying upon that table that God had given me an angel of my very own and granted us with irreplaceable moments of love with this angel. Daddy and Jack's team kept coming over to give me updates or show him to me. He needed a bit of oxygen help at first, but was otherwise handling life outside the womb. Shortly after his birth the staff did a heart echo and head ultrasound to confirm Jack's heart and brain issues. This confirmation was vital to us because it would have a huge part in how we decided to go forward with Jack's intervention now knowing that he did in fact have inoperable or incurable troubles. Jack was born at 1:55pm weighing 5lbs 15oz and 19in. A little after three pm they escorted me to a recovery room and soon after daddy lead the team that brought Jack down too. He was greeted by a happy tearful mob of family as he was rolled down to see momma. They passed him into my arms and it was in those warm arms and in many many others that he spent his next three and a half days. He was only set down to get his poopy diaper changed (which needed done immediately otherwise a fit was sure to be throw!) He was the best cuddler and especially loved being right up against mommy's skin. 
(Specifics about those four days and the day we said goodbye to come soon...) 

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