Tuesday, April 23, 2013

26 weeks- BIG Week: vaca, OB, 3d4d, AH

26 weeks: 

Holy Vacation Batman:
The honey and I went out to a fancy dinner and stayed in a downtown hotel ALONE on a week night for free thanks to a lovely friend. It was nice to eat my food while it was still hot, to stay at the restaurant as long as we wanted, and not to have to pick up the floor before we left. ;) It is always wonderful having alone time with my man of twelve ish years. (Thanks for babysitting mom!)
THEN we packed up the kids and headed to Branson for a weekend trip. Our hotel had a water park so we did that several times. We also went to shopping, walking around, mini pirate golf, and to the Dixie Stampede - loved it! The kids were great and it was nice to get away. 

OB Check Up:
Jack was quite active at this week's check up. Heart rate 150. Dr C noticed my tummy growth and commented on how 30 weeks is quickly approaching. I had her print out his blood tests. Once we saw abnormalities in the 19 week U/S we got these blood tests within minutes, but never received the results since things quickly turned worse and an amnio was done the next day. Amnios are a way more accurate test. In fact, Jack's blood tests are much the same as the ones I had done with my first pregnancy. Completely normal. Those tests just look at 18 & 21 - not 13. So we would not have known specifics without the amnio. 

3D/4D Ultrasound: 
Im not sure Ive wrapped my head around this experience yet. Baber looked and acted about how I expected. (Perfect) The tech said he has some hair so that's fun. He does also have a cleft lip and flat nose, which we were expecting. But he didnt let us get a good face picture because he was too busy with his two hands and two feet right in front of his face the whole time. We got lots of bootie shots though. :) It was the interior opinions and findings that have me in more of a confused state. There were three things that I am moving around in my mind... (heart, brain, kidneys) We got a very short look at 19 weeks where it was said that Jack's heart's left side did not develop. That's not what this 26w scan showed. He does have a Heart defect. His right side is thicker and working harder, but the left side IS developed. The sonographer said it is not Hypoplastic left heart like I had thought. Also at 19 weeks we were told there were whole parts of the brain that were not developed and that is not what this scan showed. There were brain issues, but it may or may not be the holoprosencephaly brain after all. Having these two big issues be brought to medium issues is confusing for me. First because it doesn't change that there are issues, second because it doesn't change the T13, and third because there was no doctor Overview at this ultrasound so it Is hard to know what to grab hold of or what to make of her personal thoughts. The third issue was new to us. The sonographer said that his kidneys are very large and thick walled. I guess Dr Mom has a new thing to research. We don't know what to think about the Information... I guess we are just eager to have our 30 week scan at Children's Hospital even more so now. 
Otherwise we seem to be a bit down and sad today as momma and daddy, but Im not sure exactly why yet. We both loved seeing Jack and we didnt get worse news really so... I don't know why we feel down. Just one of those days I suppose. 

Alexandra's House: 
It was nice to sit and chat with the beautiful head of this organization. She is always full of advice and years of experience. She gave us some soft hand made blankies to snuggle with baby Jack and then to keep as a family later on. I look forward to my next mommie's group in some ways. They're heart breaking, but super supportive. 

1. OB checks every 2-3 weeks (including glucose screening-eww) 
2. Children's Mercy in late May for our meeting with ultrasound, OB, anesthesiology, Perinatology, cardiology, neonatology, genetics, and social work. 


  1. Continually praying for you and baby Jack and family. Eli's right kidney was VERY large in gestation and we saw the peri many, many times for this. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask -- because I did LOTS of research too!

  2. I know it’s been quite a while now, but I’m curious if Jack’s condition had some development. It must've been really heartbreaking to know that he already has to fight and struggle before he enters the real world. However, you must not lose hope. On the other hand, he has a greater chance of surviving his condition now that he’s already arrived. Take care!

    Cathy Stewart