Monday, April 29, 2013

My Girl

27 Weeks:

My Girl:
My daughter is beautifully smart and funny and sweet and sassy. She is without a doubt MY girl. She is connected to me from the deepest of my being. We are each other. She takes care of her little brother with such pride and confidence. How can a three year old be so very in tuned with the needs and feelings of those around. She is forever saying the cutest things. When Bubby is doing something he should not, she is there to lovingly scold him while half smirking because she thinks whatever he is doing is cute. She'll call him 'son' or 'mister naughty' or by his whole name before reminding him of the house rule. She was born to be a big sister. Perhaps born to be a mother. Before she was even one she could rock, feed, burp, change, and love on her baby dolls. She is obsessed with pregnant woman, birth, and newborns. Don't get me wrong, as a big sister, she knows when to use her self granted authority, her size, and her sneakiness to be her own version of naughty, but all that color is what makes her who she is. As a momma my heart has a whole other part that grieves for my girl. She is so excited for her newest brother. She talks about how she has 'her boys' or 'her two babies'. She already has an extreme attachment towards Jack. And it scares me down to my depths at what she may have to endure in the months to come. She is my extreme. When she is sweet she is more precious than I can describe. When she is rotten she is almost naughtier than I can bare. When she is funny she is a flippin riot. And when she is sad, when she is heart broken, she is torn deeper than she should be able to comprehend. How will I do it? How will I ever protect her? How will I possibly explain to her that she may lose part of her world? Part of her heart? I can not do this. God you must. 

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