Monday, March 25, 2013

22 weeks - the newest details and plans...

~J, K, L
Jack is my sugar baber sweetie pie and I can't BELIEVE the Lord gave him to me after He has already blessed me with Layla and Keith. I have noticed that God set aside a whole other side of my heart to care for my children. It is like I can love and feel and think of Jack constantly, but yet am able to continue on with my sweet toddlers as well. He has made it possible for me to feed them, bathe them, dress them, play with them, and praise the Lord, even laugh with them. I also pray that I am able to somewhat be a good wife, daughter, and friend right now too, but am sure my insanity sneaks through. ;) As long and my babers are happy and loved. I have been really focusing on Jack's presence with me. There will be a time to grieve, but now (today at least at this moment) is a time to praise the Lord for him.

~The newest plans...
1. I met with the heads and other moms at a beautiful place in KC called Alexandra's House. They help fill in the gaps for families in our situation. Perhaps I will blog about all of my thoughts of that experience once I have it settled inside. We plan to meet with them again.
2. Right now we have a 3D/4D HD UltraSound scheduled for 26 weeks with a beautiful woman from Perinatal Imagining that does the U/S with the families from Alexandra's House. I am praying we make it to that U/S, but know in the end God knows what is best.
3. Then, if we make it to 28-30 weeks we have appointments scheduled with Mercy for a closer look at Jack's heart and brain and a meeting with the neonatologist. Mercy has agreed to test Jack further even WITH his diagnosis because they know he has lots of possibilities so we appreciate that hope and understanding from them.
4. Otherwise we just wait. We wait to see where baby boy takes us. If we make it to full term and Jack is here with us then there are loads of decisions to be made and so we are researching lots now to be prepared for all of those possibilities. I want to never have any regrets so I am trying so hard to understand everything.

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