Monday, March 25, 2013

Pregnancy Notes - Weeks 4-19

~November 17, 2012 - The morning of my 29th birthday my husband handed me a Spa Gift Cirtificate and I handed him a positive pregnancy test. I WIN! ;) Baby Jack was a huge shocker at first, but we knew we wanted a third child super bad, so even a bit earlier than expected he fit right in!
~Weeks 4-7 - I had small stomach aches after I ate, like I did with my first two, but otherwise no symptoms
~Weeks 7-12 - low maintenance symptoms with no showing. I craved milk, OF, meat, and was a bit tired, but nothing much.
~Week 11.5 - Doctor visit with kids and my momma. This was my first opportunity to hear the heartrate. I had been super nervous and felt like something was wrong or the baby was gone because I had few symptoms. And even though that was normal for my pregnancies I still felt uneasy in my mommy heart. After a minute Dr C found it at 182. I am having tailbone pain and Dr said that is because "she" is sitting back further.
~Week 12 - I had a horrible deathly cough cold - ICK!
~Week 13.5 - I STILL have the cough of death. I am still not showing, but I could just swear I felt "her" move a ton last night. This is also typical for me to feel movement at 13 weeks. I am breaking out and, like usual, having some sciatica. I have had two boy dreams and one girl dream. What'll it be?!?! :) We are still thinking Jack Andrew ad maybe Kathryn Lee?
~Week 14 - I started showin a little! (Still coughing constantly)
~Week 16 - And the cough is finally OVER! Whew!
~Week 17 - I still havent gained any weight. I had with the other two at this point for sure. I am still thinking the baby is a girl - perhaps Kathryn Rae.
~Week 18 - I gained FOUR pounds this week! Some nesting has started - WooHoo! This new house needs to be put together so that's great.
~Week 19 - I gained another pound :-/ I am so super excited for our Ultra Sound!!! I feel the baber move a little more. No other symptoms. No maternity clothes yet, but soon.
~Week 19.5 - ULTRA SOUND - It's a BOY!!! Heart rate 154 and heis 11 ounces. Just the right size.

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