Monday, March 25, 2013

INTRO - Our Family

The Lord has blessed us with such a large magnificent group of friends and family and I'd love to be able to share my soul with all of them and hear theirs in return, but since the children aren't too keen to me having endless hours of phone time I thought perhaps blogging would be nice.

For those of you who don't know us...
Patrick and I met in highschool and have been together since we were 17. We are a perfect fit and couldn't imagine anything better. We are both from Wyoming, but moved to Missouri for college. After our undergrad (mine in Elm Edu and his in Philosophy) we married and decided to stay in the area. After marriage, but before our babes, we both attended grad school (mine in special edu and his in law). In November of 2009 the Lord blessed us with our teenie baby girl, Layla. Layla is a smart, beautiful, fire cracker. She has a fabulous sense of humor and a huge heart for babies. Layla is the best big sister ever. She is my best friend and my biggest source of drama ;) Oh that girl and I go rounds. I am really looking forward to her teens. ;) ;) When Layla was 18 months I quit my job teaching the second grade (after 5 years) and began to care for her full time from home. In December of 2011 the Lord blessed us with our sweet boy, Keith. He is handsome and so very smart. His face shows all of his thoughts and feelings. Keith is more laid back than his sister, but is still very curious and social. I have been working behind Patrick's back to make Keith be a momma's boy. :) The two of them have a lot of cuddles and a few fights. We adore them! In November 2012 we discovered the Lord has again blessed us with a third baby. (Surprise!) And THAT is where this blogging journey begins...

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